Configure Alias(Mail Forwarding)

Upon setting MX records of your domain to and, any emails that were sent to your domain will be routed to our servers by mail sender agent(such as gmail, hotmail, outlook etc).

Once receiving the emails, we will check to see if the TO field match your alias, if it matches, we will forward it to the email address that you configured for forwarding.

When you use * in your alias, it will match anything. We also support multi matching, which means that if the TO matches any rules, we will forward that email to all target addresses of those rules. Consider below example, let's say you configured the forward rule as below:

* -> -> -> ->

If someone sends an email to, that email will be forwarded to three addresses:, and
If someone sends an email to, we will forward that email to both of and
However, if someone sends an email to, it will only be forwarded to

Mail group

From the above example, you could see that we support fanout to many addresses, thus you can set up a simple mail group such as but can add as many target destination addresses as you want. A valid use case is when we want to setup a dedicated email for QA team or Support team as below: -> -> -> -> ->

Noted that it's best to limit under 100 emails in a single mail alias. If you want to add like hundreds of users, then it's probably better for you to migrate to a properly mailing list setup.